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Happy to Stay Put! Painting the House

Happy to stay put, or pack up and move? Do we stay or do we go? Sell the house and move? Spend money to stay put or spend money to sell? Where? Why? The questions that arise when one is approaching retirement. I have at least two more years before I retire. Dan could retire next year. It is time to consider our options. Moving from … Read More...

Essential Oils for your Lifestyle

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The Perfect Dental Cleaning

At my semi-annual dental appointment recently my dental hygienist made my day. Actually, I made my day, and she confirmed the perfect dental cleaning. She makes the … Read More...

Make Your Own!

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Bath Bombs!

Bath Bombs. I love these little gems. I happened upon a recipe while looking for homemade holiday gift ideas. I remember seeing these at one of the … Read More...

What’s Cooking?