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The Perfect Dental Cleaning

At my semi-annual dental appointment recently my dental hygienist made my day. Actually, I made my day, and she confirmed the perfect dental cleaning. She makes the visits seem more like a couple gals catching up on all the latest. Sure, she’s talking much more than I am, but hey, that’s the way it is. We usually end up laughing so … Read More...

Essential Oils for your Lifestyle

dirty little hand scrub

Dirty Little Hand Scrub

It’s that time of year, at least here in Florida, when we turn our attention toward the garden and lawn for a new fresh look. Winter is pretty much over which means … Read More...

Make Your Own!

bath bombs with easential oils

Bath Bombs!

Bath Bombs. I love these little gems. I happened upon a recipe while looking for homemade holiday gift ideas. I remember seeing these at one of the … Read More...

hemp seed oil salve

Hemp Oil Salve

This is a miracle salve for healing those cuts, scrapes, burns, and dry skin. Perfect for damaged nails too as it strengthens and heals the nail base. … Read More...

What’s Cooking?