Hemp Oil Salve


hemp seed oil salveThis is a miracle salve for healing those cuts, scrapes, burns, and dry skin. The Hemp Oil in this salve is superb for eczema too.  It’s easy to make, it’s healthy and it has no harmful chemicals.

Hemp seed oil is one of the world’s healthiest and oldest natural oils. Produced from the seeds of the Cannabis Sativa plant, hemp seed oil has a perfect ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 essential fatty acids and 80% total essential fatty acids, which is more than any other plant. With this perfect blend of omega and essential fatty acids, there is a massive range of health benefits including better integumentary health such as thicker hair, softer skin, and stronger nails. Hemp seed oil also contains both vitamin E, well-known for its benefits in skin care, and vitamin D, which is not present in other plants. Hemp seed oil can also be helpful for eczema, premenstrual stress, and inflammation.

A very little-dab-a-do-ya for this great salve!  I used either this salve or my all purpose healing salve every day! Enjoy.

All Purpose Hemp Oil Salve 

Hemp Oil Salve
An all purpose healing salve with Hemp Oil. Great for cuts, burns, rashes, and especially good for eczema. This salve is excellent to use daily on dry skin. Works wonders for cuticles too! The blend of essential oils are healing, antibacterial, anti fungal, soothing, cleansing, and the Frankincense enhances the other oils excellently.
  • 10 drops pur lavender essential oil
  • 8 drops pure lemon essential oil
  • 6 drops pure melaleuca (tea tree) essential oil
  • 3 drops pure frankincense essential oil
  • 1 cup pure organic hemp oil
  • 1 cup organic virgin coconut oil (I used Tropical Traditions Gold Label)
  • 4 heaping tablespoons of beeswax pastilles
  • ½ teaspoon Vitamin E (optional)
  • (always use the finest quality ingredients you can find. What goes on and in your body need only be the best for best results.
  1. Slowly melt the coconut oil, hemp oil, and beeswax in a glass container which has been set in a pan of water. Slowly bring the water to a nice warm bath and stir your oils and wax until completely melted. This melting process will take 15 to 20 minutes or so. You do not want to use high heat and burn your ingredients.
  2. Line up five 4 oz. glass jars and add the essential oils to each of the five jars. Once the coconut, hemp oil and beeswax has melted you may add the ½ teaspoon of Vitamin E, if using. Pour your melted oil into the jars, cover with a paper towel (to keep clean) and cool. Let cool until the salve hardens.
  3. The salves should last 8 months using the Vitamin E, or 6 months without.

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eSpray da Toilet! (poop spray)

eSpray da Toilet

This little gem is getting noticed. It really works great! I keep a bottle in my purse, and on every toilet here at the mansion. Great for the office too! Travel? Don’t leave home without this bottle.

Be sure to read my original post if you don’t know what this little bottle can do for you. Basically, it contains the “poop odors” in the toilet bowl and not smelling up the area.

You can easily make your own using Spark Naturals essential oils. You can also buy the glass bottle from Spark Naturals. And, better yet, you get 10% off your total order of essential oils and supplies by using code flamingo91 at checkout!

eSpray daToilet
Simple, easy to make solution that oh-so does the job for your job!
Recipe type: Essential Oils
  • 20 drops of Lemongrass essential oil
  • 20 drops Grapefruit essential oil
  • 20 drops of Bergamot essential oil
  • 2 ounces of water
  • 2 oz dark glass spray bottle
  1. Add the essential oils drops each to the spray bottle. Fill with water and shake.
  2. How to use: BEFORE "nature calls" shake the bottle then spritz the eSpray daToliet into the toilet bowl. Approximately 2-4 spritzes should do it. Then do your "business". The oils will disperse over the water creating a vapor barrier and trapping any offensive odors!
  3. You can play around with different essential oils, as I did because it's the spreading of the oil over the water that retains the stink. That's it folks!


Gel Caps – Item of the Week!

gel capsulesGelatin Gel Caps! New product to Spark Naturals.

Customize your supplements using Gel Caps. The bottle contains 100 gel caps.

Great to use if you’re making up cold remedies to take throughout the day. Some essential oils don’t taste that great, and one can’t always take an arsenal of oils with them. Just fill the gel caps with your oils or powders. Put them in a small bottle (old prescription bottle) so you can’t take them with you.  

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The Color Flamingo Pink

plastic flamingoes

The color Flamingo Pink! Ah, the plastic pink yard ornament. Yes, that’s what came to your mind, isn’t it? Well, I’m not just a pretty tacky pink, although I certainly love to be on display. I’m a coral pink. I range from white to deep pinkish coral, and yes, I am some times that tacky pink in the yard. Some may say I’m a shrimp. My pink may come from shrimp (I eat those little crustaceans), but certainly no, I am not a shrimp. I am Flamingo Pink. I am proud to strut my charmed pink feathers to entertain you.

flamingo photo

I have tenderness. I am delicate as fine china, regal as royalty, and robust as a rich ruby port. Majestic? Indeed. Soothing to the eye, yet flamboyant in style. Paint me on a wall and I will comfort you. Use me wisely in your home décor and I will bring prominence to the room.  Once you capture my pink essence, you can never turn away from me. You will use me, many times. I will grow in your consciousness to gain your confidence.

People don’t pick me much. They’re afraid. I laugh because I know I can bring them merriment. I stand out in a crowd, which I adore.  Maybe that’s why I’m less chosen. Only the brave feel safe to display my splashy style and adoring color pink.

So the next time you walk by Flamingo Pink, take a second look. I’m your color. Use me. You’ll be glad you did.

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Lemon Essential Oil – Item of the Week

Lemon IOTWDo you love FREE things? Well, then you are going to love the Item of the Week! Get a FREE 5ml bottle of our Lemon EO with every purchase over $25 (after all discounts)!!

Lemon is such a great oil and has so many uses. I use Lemon every day…add it to my Green Tea in the morning, along with some Ginger, and Cinnamon oil.

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