thanksgiving day

ThanksGiving Day – 2008

Wow, what a great day of thanksgiving we had. The morning started early as I had to get the turkey in the oven. I made my way through the house to the kitchen as quietly as possible not to awaken Dan (mom wouldn’t be able to hear me anyway).

I needed coffee so started that first. Then I headed out to the garage to Dan’s beer refrigerator where the turkey had been thawing. I know Dan will be gthanksgiving dyalad to get the bird out of there as it’s taking up valuable beer space! All’s going fine so far.
As I pull the bird out of the frig it gets stuck. The tray it’s on is just a wee bit larger than the opening of the door (my car is too close to the refrigerator). Hmmmm! Dont’ want to move the car.
Okay, I’ll just take the turkey and leave the tray, no problem. I pick up the turkey (19 pounder) and lift her out. Oops, now the tray can easily slide and well, there it goes onto the floor…blood juice and all at a racket so loud that I thought for sure I’d waken the household.I looked at the floor and thought oh well, it will wait so I headed into the kitchen with the bird, dripping along the way.
All’s quiet inside the house, gee he must be really tired. So,on to prep the bird. Stuffed that baby with onion, carrot, celery, fresh rosemary, butter, and garlic. Rubbed her down with olive oil and we’re set to go. She’s in the oven by 6am!
Can’t sleep now, so on to my favorite part of the morning…coffee and checking all the ads in the newspaper! I wasn’t planning on shopping Black Friday but I love to look at the ads…never know what you might find.I spent most of Wednesday cooking and loved every minute of it. I spent most of Thursday cooking also, but this time with family and friends watching, helping, and having a great time together.

My nephew Crosby arrived later in the morning. Our friend Andrea arrived a little later and we were gobbling up the food and drink. Was a great time. Good food, good friends and family, and a great day of fellowship. We were blessed with a beautiful day and lots of great memories.

As I was cooking the giblet gravy Andrea was standing next to me watching and asked if I planned to strain the gravy to get the lumps out. I looked at her kinda funny and told her, “What do you mean, I just did.” She goes, “Oh” while looking at the gravy. I knew something was amiss and then it hit me. I told her “those are eggs.” “Really? I’ve never heard of eggs in the gravy.” I said that I’d always put hard boiled sliced eggs in the gravy for years, and mom before me, etc. Why? That’s just the way it is. Maybe a southern thing, I don’t know. She grew up in Massachusetts and they don’t do it that way there. We laughed because it was such a funny conversation. (One of those had to be there moments.) I later looked the recipe up on the internet (I just make up my own version) and found that indeed eggs are a part of the gravy if you want them. Recipes with or without are plentiful.

We did had a great time though. Drank, ate, laughed, watched football, chatted about all sorts of things and enjoyed being together being thankful. Hope your Thanksgiving was just as nice.

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