espray da toilet

eSpray daToliet (poop spray)

What the heck is eSpray daToliet? Don’t have to guess too hard do you? We all know what it’s like walking in to a public restroom and whiff, the odor! Or, closer to home, Big Bird does the big job and the whole bathroom, along with surrounding areas, takes on a whole new atmosphere! Phewee! Yes, okay, I can do the same. So does everyone else.eSpray daToliet

Well folks, I have found a way to take care of this little issue. Quite nicely too. I didn’t realize there was a spray that will take care of this until I happenstance upon a recipe for it on one of my favorite websites (One Good Thing by Jillee)¬†for essential oils.

Okay, I can do this. I can make up my own batch of this miracle spray using Spark Naturals essential oils as that’s all it is mostly, and water. First though, I bought a bottle of poop spray at a local shop for $10.75, to compare it to my own concoction.

I tried the pricey one and wow, the smell was powerful, sweet citrusy, but it took care of the odor remarkably well. Masked it completely. So now the big test…Big Bird was to try it out. He did, said it worked fine, but smelled like a French Whore House! Yikes! Oh my, he was right. Maybe and oil change is needed.

So, off to the EO brew room I go to create my version. Recipe below. All done, I try it, and yes, it works great! Again, off to Big Bird for the ultimate test. Yes, it worked great for him too! No Frenchy smell either. It’s still powerful enough to do the trick, yet not Frenchy at all. Yeah!

eSpraydaTolietI’m making up several batches of this to take to the office, carry in my purse, one for Big Bird’s office (know his troops will be more than happy)! ūüôā A bottle in every bathroom. The after aroma leaves the water room smelling very nice (added bonus). Never leave home without it. And, no chemicals. I may even sell a few, maybe more. Who knows, I could become rich selling eSpray daToliet from Oakhill Trailer Park, a flamingo’s paradise. Mine will sell for much less. And yes, I will need to come up with pretty labeling. Don’t think I’ll make the Fortune 500 too soon.

You can make this also. Here’s the recipe.

A mixture to clean and detox the mouth.


  • 10 drops of¬†Lemongrass¬†essential oil 10 drops¬†Grapefruit¬†essential oil 10 drops of¬†Bergamot¬†essential oil 2 ounces of water (I used distilled water, but plain ole water is fine) 1 teaspoon rubbing alcohol or vodka (this keeps the oils from separating in the water) 2 oz dark spray bottle


  1. Add the alcohol to the bottle
  2. Add 10 drops each of essential oils (20 drops each if you feel you need EXTRA STRENGTH),
  3. Fill remainder of bottle with water, and shake.
  4. How to use: BEFORE “nature calls” shake the bottle again then spritz the¬†eSpray daToliet¬†into the toilet bowl. Approximately 2-4 spritzes should do it. Then do your “business”. The oils will disperse over the water creating a vapor barrier and trapping any offensive odors!

Play around with different essential oils for different scents. It’s the spreading of the oil over the water that retains the stink. That’s it folks! Simple, easy to make up and oh-so does the job for you job! Just think, when someone says, “She thinks her shi_ doesn’t stink.” Well, they’re right! You’re smart enough to take care of the situation beforehand.

Need essential oils? As always, receive a 10% discount using code “Flamingo91” when ordering from Spark Naturals.¬†


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