mirage diffuser

Zaq Mirage Diffuser

I just love my ZAQ Mirage diffuser. It runs 10 to 12 hours diffusing our home all the time. This is great  to use in the bedroom at night for allergy relief, breathing relief, and just sweet dreams. Depending on the oils you use the options are endless.

ZAQ Mirage Diffuser activates your senses to soothe and invigorate your mind, body, and spirit. With LiteMist technology ZAQ break up the blending of essential (or fragrant) oil and water into mist of micro-particles and disperses them into the air. Benefit from the aromatherapy of the oils, and the ionizing and humidifying effect of the water vapor. No heating or burning means the properties of the oil are not broken down. Low energy use. Automatic shut-off, and you can turn on or off the colors that rotate throughout the diffusing process.

All diffusers are 10% off with code “flamingo91” at checkout.

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