lavender and rosemary

Rosemary Essential Oil for Dogs

Oh Rosemary.  Such a versatile and staple essential oil you will want to have on hand. So what is Rosemary and what can I do with Rosemary?

Rosemary is in the labiatae family (the same as Lavender) and is a very important oil in modern aromatherapy. The name is from two Latin words meaning dew of the sea, which is fitting since it is native to the Mediterranean coast.

Rosemary has a long and rich history of medicinal, culinary, and religious uses. It was used as incense in ancient Greece and considered sacred to the ancient Romans. It was burned in hospitals and during times of illness for centuries; in modern times science has proven its antiseptic properties.

Arthritis Pain Relief for Dogs

An effective rub to alleviate arthritis pain for dogs.


  1. Diluted in 2 Tablespoons Fractionated Coconut Oil. I rubbed it over the pain areas on his body. Using coconut oil the mixture absorbed quickly.  I rubbed every 12 hours. Be sure not to apply near the eye, and genital area. His pain was relieved.

Rosemary is very stimulating to the central nervous system and the brain. It is famous throughout history as being helpful for mental clarity and memory. (I need this one for sure.)
For respiratory issues, use  Rosemary essential oil in a steam inhalation or supportive diffuser blend is very helpful.

Rosemary is useful in pain relief, especially for arthritis and workout recovery, as it promotes circulation. For this reason, it is also often included in skin and hair products, especially as support for those who are balding prematurely.

** not recommended for use in pregnancy or in people with epilepsy **

Always check with your doctor about pain medication and allergic reactions.

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