exquisite kit

New Exquisite Kit (Rose, Helichrysum, Melissa and Sandlewood essential oils)

I’m excited to announce Spark Natural’s Exquisite Collection! A set of 4 – 5/8 dram bottles of Helichrysum, Melissa, Rose and Sandalwood essential oils. The package is glass with a ceramic cap! Each oil is in a  5/8 dram (2.310 ml aprox 60 drops).

These are some of the most exquisite essential oils on the market, and now Spark Naturals has made them very affordable. They are wonderful for beauty care, healing, and so much more.

Melissa (5ml regularly $108.68)
Place a few drops in diffuser to assist with fighting depression along with calming the mind, reducing fevers, easing headaches, and for combating nausea.
Blend with massage oil or use in bath to help with stress, upset stomachs or to fight fungal infections.
Place 1 to 2 drops in a water to help stimulate sweat glands before a workout to loose water weight

Sandlewood (5ml regularly $58.36)
Diffuse for its Aphrodisiac effect or to help clear coughs, chest infections, insomnia, tension or stress.
Blend with lotions, creams or use in bath to help with eczema, insomnia, moisturizing the skin and to relieve nervous tension.
Orally gargle with a few drops of oil and a few ounces of water to help provide relief from a dry or sore throat.

Rose (5ml regularly $165.00)
-Apply alone or as part of a facial serum nightly to mature, dry, or sensitive skin.
-Use in a bath to calm, balance, and improve mood.
-Diffuse alone or with Sandalwood Essential Oil to increase a feeling of confidence, well-being, and support a healthy libido.

Helichrysum (5ml regularly $87.50)
-Due to its Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Allergenic properties Helichrysum is great for inflamed skin, eczema and dermatitis. Use topically for the preceding issues along with any potential bruises following injury.
-Helichrysum is also amazing in fighting respiratory conditions, diffuse to help with sinus- infections, bronchitis and spasmodic coughing.
=Dilute with a few ounces of liquid or use in gelatin capsules and consume to help with circulatory functions, improve hearing (tinnitus) and stimulate liver cell function.

So you see the affordability of this kit for some of the exotic essential oils.

Use code “flamingo91” at checkout to get 10% off your order! Qualifies for free shipping also.

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