dirty little hands scrub

Dirty Little Hand Scrub

It’s that time of year, at least here in Florida, when we turn our attention toward the garden and lawn for a new fresh look. Winter is pretty much over which means there is lots of yard maintenance. Cultivating the soil, planting and preparing the yard for a beautiful spring in Florida. The azaleas are already blooming.

Gardening is great therapy. Even if I wear garden gloves I still end up with dirt and debris on my hands and under my nail base. You do too probably.

I have a super scrub that will take care those dirty little hands, very nicely too.

My dirty little hands scrub is made with sugar, dish soap, and Lavender essential oil. In my opinion, the only thing sugar is good for is cleaning dirty hands. The grains of refined sugar work as an exfoliant on your hands and nails cleaning without causing harsh abrasions to the skin.

The scrub contains dish soap Dawn! Yep, Dawn with Olay Beauty Hand Renewal. This particular Dawn variety was made to improve the look and feel of hands each time you use it. Works to cut through any grease you may have collected on those dirty little hands too.

Dawn is a great product in and of itself, however, when added to sugar, and Spark Naturals Lavender essential oil, it is one great scrub for gardeners, or anyone who’s been working in the yard, garage, or similar jobs that dirty up the hands.

Lavender essential oil is a classic essential oil. Being the world’s most used essential oil because of it antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It is superior for cleaning and healing wounds and burns. Perfect for skin ailments. And, it’s a shoe-in for cleaning hands that may need a little tender care after digging in the dirt.

Mix up a jar and keep it in your mud or laundry room, wherever you go to clean those dirty garden hands.

Need some Lavender? Visit Spark Naturals and use code “flamingo91” for 10% off your order.

Dirty Little Hands Scrub

Effective scrub for dirty hands after gardening or greasy job.


  • 8 oz jar (glass or PET plastic)
  • refined sugar
  • Dawn (Hands Renewal) don’t use regular Dawn
  • 7 to 10 drops Spark Naturals Lavender Essential Oils

(Easily double the amount of ingredients if using a larger jar.)


  1. Fill jar about three quarters full with refined sugar.
  2. Add Dawn to fill (adjust as needed)
  3. Add essential oils.
  4. Mix thoroughly.

Rub hands and arms thoroughly with a small amount rinsing with warm water. Your hands will feel super soft and clean.

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