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Happy to Stay Put! Painting the House

Happy to stay put, or pack up and move? Do we stay or do we go? Sell the house and move? 
Spend money to stay put or spend money to sell? Where? Why?

These questions arise when one is approaching retirement. It’s time to consider our options. Moving from a  2600 sq. ft home that requires a lot of TLC to living the condo life? For now, we choose staying put. We love our home.

home front leftSo, with that, it’s time to do some renovations, on-a-budget-renovations that is. Best to get some of these jobs done before retirement, eh? Last year was one of those years that seems all the major players of homeownership needed replacement. New roof installed in 2013 (thanks to hail damage the insurance company covered this huge expense). Then came 2014. The water conditioner/purifyer was replaced, then came the gas hot water heater, and finally the whole air conditioning system. Yikes! Several minor inside updates. Unexpected expenses. The house needs painting and so does the pool deck. Oh yeah, the spa heater needs replaced.

It was a hard year, financially and emotionally. My mother died April 2014 so that certainly didn’t help the emotional side. Grieving was much more difficult than I expected. We sort of just sucked it all up last year treading forward, albeit slowly. Finally,  it’s time to take action.home front right view

First, paint the house. It needs a few repairs and fresh paint. The pool deck was becoming faded and worn too. I called the local Sherwin-Williams paint store to get painter referrals.

We went with T & W Painting. (Received excellent review from a friend who recently had their exterior house painted by T&W.) They did a superb job. We were thrilled with their work. They pressure cleaned not only on the house, but the driveway and sidewalks too. We kept the same color (Smoky Salmon for our Florida home) but it was amazing to see how much the older color had faded darker over the years. They used a perfect white for all the trim, doors, garage door, soffits and ceilings. The pool deck was painted (Sand Dollar and Truest Teal), with a finish coat of Concrete Sealer Wet Look which seals the pool deck giving it a nice wet-look.  Two coats on everything and three coats on the front. [The wet look is beautiful, but we’ve found that it can be slippery when actually wet. Something to think about if you have children running around. We don’t. Just big kids for harder landing.]pool deck

We love the fresh, new look and were amazed with the work standards T & W Painting demands of themselves. Their whole goal is to please the customer using quality products. No upfront money…job paid upon satisfaction. One of the two owners was here every day, working all day. It took about a week from start to finish. The crew were attentive to every matter. We couldn’t be more pleased. The house really looks fabulous. You can tell the difference even from the street view of the quality paint job done by T & W Painting. Thank you! (Our home is featured in their home page photo slide.) Sounds like an ad for T&W so we’ll just let that go for what it is.

garage doorSecond, which actually happened first, was installing a new garage door. The day before the painters arrived, the new garage door was installed. Early last year a rock hit and broke one of the windows in the door. The door was original to the house (1994) so we wanted to replace the whole door with a newer hurricane standards door. The door (with no windows this time) was installed just in time for the painters to give it a good couple coats of paint too!

During this time Dan and I were also painting the kitchen cabinets…more on that here. Now it’s time to finish up the little things that seem to take forever to get done. The fresh red mulch Dan laid last week added the finishing touch.

Happy to stay put in our beautiful Florida home!



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