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My Favorite Essential Oils Reference Book

My favorite essential oils reference book has been updated! Love essential oils? Love to learn more about essential oils? I do.

I’m always surfing the internet to find answers for a remedy using essential oils instead of using synthetic and toxic products. But more so, I love to pick up a reference book, in-hand, turn the pages, and find so much information right at my fingertips.

Ebooks are great too, inexpensive, but for me, a book in-hand is by far the easiest to use, especially when creating new essential oil blends or recipes, flipping back and forth through pages for reference. I don’t have to log-on the computer, do a search, scroll through pages on several different websites to find what I’m looking for…I just pick up this reference book, open it and find what I’m looking for.

My favorite essential oils reference book is was The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy by Valerie Ann Worwood. I have used this book ever since I began using essential oils about four years ago.

And now, my new favorite essential oils reference book, is Worwood’s newly published 25th Anniversary Edition of The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy. This edition is completely revised and expanded making it superior to the original. Hard to believe, but it is. There are over 800 natural recipes in this essential oils reference book (200 more than in the original). And, that’s just a small part of the book.

Over the past 25 years, the essential oil market has ballooned in popularity worldwide. People are turning to natural, clean medicinal alternatives instead of synthetic products and drugs, realizing the huge benefits essential oils have in our daily lifestyle. Essential oils are not just for diffusing, they reach further for medicinal, environmental, and beauty purposes too.

Worwood’s years of experience, research, and facts are prevalent in her fabulous new book. The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy will certainly inspire you to try something new, and I’m sure it will be your “go to” essential oils reference book, not letting you down. Design your on blends and kits or stock Worwood’s suggested kits and oils. Make your own hydrolats, scrubs, lotions, and salves, and a more. Save a huge amount of money too by making your own products. Find valuable information for pain relief too, for many ailments. There is also a chapter on how to use essential oils in cooking, and one for your pets. (Note: the book is not intended or implied to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment by a licensed medical practitioner.) 

The new Self Defense Kit chapter defines 10 essential oils to use for protecting us from environmental infections and viruses that attack our bodies daily. You’ll easily learn how to blend various oils for room sprays, bath scrubs, body oils, and more for combating infections from digestion to respiratory diseases to cuts, scraps and burns.


Some chapter titles are the same, yet expanded, completely updated for today’s active lifestyle. The chapters are:

Chapter 1:      Medicines out of the Earth
Chapter 2:      The Basic Care Kit
Chapter 3:      The Self-Defense Kit (all new chapter)
Chapter 4:      Occupational Oils for the Working Man and Woman
Chapter 5:      Emotional Rescue (all new chapter)
Chapter 6:      The Basic Travel Kit
Chapter 7:      The Gentle Touch for Babies, Children, and Teenagers
Chapter 8:      A Woman’s Natural Choice
Chapter 9:      The Natural Choice for Men
Chapter 10:   Essential Help in the Maturing Years
Chapter 11:   Assertive Oils for Sports, Dance, and Exercise
Chapter 12:   Major Health Concerns (all new chapter)
Chapter 13:   The Fragrant Way to Beauty
Chapter 14:   The Home Spa—Body Beautiful
Chapter 15:   Fragrant Care for Your Home
Chapter 16:   Cooking with Essential Oils
Chapter 17:   Natural Health for Animals
Chapter 18:   Gardens for the Future
Chapter 19:   Carrier Oils and Hydrolats (all new chapter)
Chapter 20:   The Essential Oils and Absolutes (all new chapter)
Chapter 21:   Safety Information (all new chapter)

There are charts, glossary of terms, and a complete Index, conveniently designed to find what you’re looking for quickly.

I highly recommend this essential oils reference book to anyone, beginner or professional. It’s THE 683-page book of essential information to create health, beauty, and safe home and work environments using essential oils.

You can find it in all the major bookstores and online. I purchased mine here where you can also read a little more about it.

I use this book just about every day now to learn something new and fresh to help keep my family, pets, home, and myself healthy in this toxic world. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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Note:There are affiliate links  in this article, however, the price you pay is always the same, lowest price available regardless if you use my links or not. I do appreciate your support.

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