welcome to flamingo nine one

With the flood of chemicals used in foods, beauty, and cleaning products these days, I wanted to find a better, healthier option, so I started researching and learning what I could do to change things for the better for my family.

In my research I came across an essential oils company which sparked my interest (it was recommended to me by a seasoned essential oil user). I knew very little about essential oils at the time, and was thrilled (and shocked) with what I learned about them daily. They’re powerful oils used to heal the body and nurture soul. Essential oils now play a huge part in my life.

Starting out with four of the most common essential oils (lemon, lavender, melaleuca, and peppermint) along with a diffuser was the beginning of a whole new world of goodness. The more I used them, the more I liked them. I was hooked.

I make healing salves, facial serums, and several other products using essential oils mixed with natural, organic ingredients. 

Creating comes in many different venues for me. By day, I’m a graphic designer (my full-time day job), and the rest of the time I enjoy cooking, homemade/make-it-yourself projects, mixing up healthy lotions and potions for beauty to cleaning products, needlepoint, sewing, and creating online jigsaw puzzles (look for Flamingo91 at Jigidi.com).I also enjoy creative writing.  Mixed bag of fun creative passions.

I hope you enjoy my lifestyle website and find something useful from it. I love where life leads us each and every day. There is always something new to give a creative touch to or try.

And yes, I’m a huge flamingo fan.

Why am I called Flamingo 91?

Thanks for stopping by!

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