Enjoy the simple, green way to clean everything in the home using essential oils and natural  chemical-free ingredients.

  • clean windows Window Cleaner…and more! - Okay, I love lounging in my clear, clean pool soaking up the sun. Usually reading one of my favorite magazines while
  • cilantro cleaning solution Home Cleaner using Cilantro Essential Oil - Did you know that Cilantro has been studied for its antibacterial properties? (see:  Just another great use for Cilantro that you probably didn’t know. Cilantro  is featured in this DIY home cleaner below! 
  • pantry Cleaning the Kitchen Pantry - The weeks of planning to clean out the kitchen pantry arrived this past weekend at the Wade house. It was time. It was long overdue. But when you can’t find anything and just keep putting more and more in a small space, well, it’s time to clean out! Not to mention the fact that I’m… Continue reading →