Cold and Flu Relief – The Essential Way

Great Ready, Cold and Flu Season is in full bloom.
Nip it in the Bud Now! Usable Information to Know!

I’ve been hearing from lots of who are getting that dratted flu bug, some tragically so. There are some things to do to prevent, and help. My husband also got the flu bug during the Christmas holidays, however we nipped it before it got too far gone. (His case, well, one must let me know when one is starting feel the flu coming on…not say, “I’m fine, nothings wrong.” Right!)

Here is some great information to know using Essential Oils to help combat the flu.

Essential Oils general photo

Essential Oils (EO) Basics
Pure EOs are phenomenal tools for wellness.  I am only referring to pure essential oils.  Do your homework before you buy.

PURE essential oils are the complex, volatile “soul of the plant”. Scientists cannot duplicate it, and even yet don’t fully understand all the functions these oils do for the planet itself.  Distillation gently removes the health-giving properties we need from the plant ie: organic hormones, vitamins and other natural elements which work internally and topically.  These elements naturally counteract chemical effects, as well as the viruses and germs we come in contact with every day…through their ability to stimulate the while blood cells and encourage them to scavenge.  Because of the way EOs naturally encourage our own bodies to work harder toward health, bacteria cannot become “resistant” to essential oils.cold medications

Above is the “quick fix” mentality captured in a photo.  PLEASE, just take away my symptoms, now.  If I do a quick mental tally of how much was spent at the pharmacy and on OTC meds, I think a conservative guess is $150.  If they paid full price for those prescriptions, well over $200!  You could purchase EOs without compromising your health. With just a small collection of EOs you can kill that virus.  Masking the symptoms is temporary, and, you’re throwing away what little immunities you have left.

Be aware that whenever you take prescription antibiotics you’re stripping your body’s immunity even deeper.  You’re harming the good flora in your gut that fights infection with synthetic chemicals.

 I understand that antibiotics can be necessary however, it’s important to be replenishing and boosting your immunity at the same time with EOs, healthy eating and probiotics.

A Short List of What to Have on Hand for the Sick Season
Each EO is linked to the Spark Naturals website so you can read about all of the properties when you have time.  That info is a post all it’s own 🙂

cold-flu-bombEOs for the Cold & Flu Bomb, a natural antibiotic protocol that can infiltrate the cell membrane and get to the virus something synthetic antibiotics can’t do.


Oregano, Melaleuca and Shield


Black Pepper, FrankincenseClove, Lemon, Lemongrass, Respire, Eucalyptus

Because all of us respond to EOs differently, the above are excellent alternatives to the basic Cold & Flu Bomb remedy.  If you have a few alternatives on hand, you’ll be better prepared.

Frankincense will enhance all oils and, is superior for any kind of inflammation. Inflammation is the cause of mucus build up.  Frankincense is very helpful in clearing mucus which speeds healing.

The MINUTE you or one of your family members isn’t feeling well, start this protocol and follow these directions, consistency will result in greatness!

Cold & Flu Bomb  The Bomb consists of 3 drops each Oregano, Shield and Melaleuca in a capsule or a shot glass or even on the bottom of your feet.  Dose every 3 hours until symptoms start to disappear.  This is where it gets critical – continue dosing 3x a day for at least 3 days afterwards.  You need to kill that virus, make sure it’s good and dead.


This is one of the cheapest home health devices you can put in your home.  What a difference a diffuser can make, from purifying the air by killing airborne pathogens to creating a bright or relaxing mood.

For cold and flu season, diffuse Shield or Eucalyptus, Respire, Lemon, or a combination thereof!  This is a brilliant way to keep viruses from spreading!  Consider it in the classroom and office too.

Diffusing on the GO!  I know you can’t haul your diffuser everywhere…believe me I’ve tried!  But, you can create an inhalant to use throughout the day.  Add 2 drops of your needed EO like Respire for congestion to a tissue or a piece of soft cloth and keep it in your pocket to inhale from throughout the day.

Always Important – Sick or Not...

Drink, Drink & Drink some more…water.  Oh but a wee nip of something with a bite can help on occasion too 🙂

Lastly, stay hydrated!  Drink lots and lots of water, a drop of Lemon or Peppermint (alternated) is good for the congestion and to keep things moving through the lymphatic system.  (Always put EOs in GLASS bottles. No plastic please. More on this issue later.)

If you’ve been on prescription meds, this is especially important to just keep moving the residue through.

Please consider not throwing your money at OTC meds – get to the virus first and foremost!

As always, use code “flamingo91” for a 10% discount on your
Spark Naturals order.

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