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Essential oils and health go hand-n-hand. They are simply the first medicines. Frankincense and Myrrh were sacred gifts given to Mary upon the birth of Jesus to keep him healthy.

  • clean teeth smile The Perfect Dental Cleaning - At my semi-annual dental appointment recently my dental hygienist made my day. Actually, I made my day,
  • cold and flu bug Flu and Cold Season Healthy Relief - A very effective remedy using essential oils. Save $$ by not using all those chemical drugs at your local pharmacy.
  • dedorant ingredients Homemade Deodorant - Busy time in the pits! Yep, I have been researching the armpit deodorant situation. Time to break away from those commercial brands. 
  • mirage diffuser Zaq Mirage Diffuser - I just love my ZAQ Mirage diffuser. It runs 10 to 12 hours diffusing our home all the time. This is great
  • jeddys blend Concentration – Jeddy’s Blend - CONCENTRATION ~ who doesn’t need a little assistance in this area? From young to elderly ~ what a terrific blend to boost overall
  • cold and flu bug Cold and Flu Relief - Great Ready, Cold and Flu Season is in full bloom. Nip it in the Bud Now! Usable Information to Know!
  • Make Your Own All Purpose Healing Salve - This is a wonderful salve that can be custom made to whatever you need by adding and changing various Essential Oils.