Pets (Dogs)

Yes! Essential oils for our pets. In my case, doggies. (Cat are not as friendly to essential oils so please research before using essential oils on your cats.) There are many excellent essential oils that are very pet friendly.

  • lavender and rosemary Rosemary Essential Oil for Dogs - Oh Rosemary.  Such a versatile and staple essential oil you will want to have on hand. So what is Rosemary and what can I do with Rosemary? Rosemary is in the labiatae family (the same as Lavender) and is a very important oil in modern aromatherapy. The name is from two Latin words meaning dew of the… Continue reading →
  • buddy Doggie Allergy Relief - Essential oils can be a dog’s best friend!  They are a welcome advantage to many dog ailments. A huge money saver too,  compared to vet bills, dog medicine, and the like. There are many essential oils that can be used in treatment for dogs, and other pets too. I have two Doxies, so I will talk… Continue reading →